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Cambridgeshire Hearing Help Lip-Reading Classes

Do you have difficulties hearing? Do you have problems hearing against background noise? Many social gatherings are noisy and so make hearing difficult. Lip-reading is a way of understanding speech by visually interpreting the movements of the lips, face and tongue, and will help your hear better in challenging listening situations.

Our FREE and friendly lip-reading class runs term-time on Tuesdays, 1.30pm to 3.30pm, at St Andrew’s Baptist Church, 43 St Andrews Street, Cambridge, CB2 3AR. You can join any time in the term – BOOKING REQUIRED.

For enquiries/to book your place, please contact the office | Tel: 01223 416141 | Text: 07852 699196 | email: [email protected]

Other lip-reading classes in Cambridgeshire…

Evening lip-reading classes in Cambridge: Cambridgeshire County Council provides a lip-reading class on Wednesday evenings during term-time, 6.45pm to 8.45pm, at Mayfield Primary School, Warwick Road, Cambridge, CB4 3HN. There is a small yearly subscription fee.

For enquiries and bookings please contact Astrid Whiskin, Cambridgeshire County Council. Tel: 01223 703530, Email [email protected]

Day-time lip-reading classes in other areas of Cambridgeshire: Jennifer Holding runs the following lip-reading classes in other areas of Cambridgeshire. For enquiries and to book a place please contact Jennifer by telephone: 01354 740894 or email: [email protected]

March: St Peters Church Hall March, High Street, March, PE15 9J

Ely: Mondays, 2.15pm to 4.15pm, St Peters Church Meeting Room, Broad Street, Ely, CB7 4AH

Peterborough: Wednesdays, 10.30am to 12.30pm, Sweetbriar Lane Sheltered Housing, Sweetbriar Lane, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 5EA

Huntingdon: Wednesdays, 2.15pm to 4.15pm, Market Inn, Market Hill, Huntingdon, PE29 3NJ

Chatteris: Fridays, 10am to 12pm, Quaker Way Sheltered Housing, Quaker Way, Chatteris, PE16 6PB

Free lip-reading practice website: Gloria McGregor runs a free lip-reading practice website, which includes practice videos: